Future of Client Side Technologies - Meetup by jnaapti

A little bit of history

We recently conducted an experiment. We introduced a group of Engineering Students to Polymer even before they learnt basics of HTML. Our hunch was that students will find it much easier to understand the recent developments than to wade through multiple historical failures and understand the nice things about the recent past of web technologies.

Our thinking was, "As freshmen, if we learn a higher level language like Python, before assembly language, why not follow a similar approach with web application development?"

The experiment was a roaring success! Within 2 days, students were building responsive UIs with nice looking interfaces thanks to Polymer. They didn't really care if a component was a standard HTML tag or a custom element. By day 3, they were learning how to build interaction into it with jQuery. By the end of this workshop, we could see a few experiments like a collaborative whiteboard using SocketIO and Canvas, a audio visualizer, and a SVG based Hangman game and all this in 7 days!

What we cover

This talk is going to take participants through a variety of technologies - HTML5, AngularJS, Web Components and Polymer and talk about how the next-gen web application developers will feel that the current generation of developers seem to be writing "Assembly" code rather than using a higher level language. We will discuss about the current possibilities, and where the future is headed.