"Programming is not just about good coding, its about designing right keeping in mind what the language helps you achieve. The course on Python by Jnaapti focuses on imparting design philosophies and language philosophy which helps you understand the essentials of programming. The course format is structured from basic to advanced with a smooth flow between concepts. The knowledge of the trainer is vast to cover as much depth depending on you. Jnaapti provided me with the foundation from where I can explore the ocean of Python."

- Aditya K, Akamai

Python Training

"Its a wonderful training. The structure of the content covered and level of engagement in the activities is on par with the best I've seen so far."

- Nihal Goud, Akamai

Python Training

"1) Comparing python programming constructs with other programming constructs like Java, JS. 2) Topics were covered with real life examples which even the finest of the tutorials present online fails to deliver. 3) Lots of topics were covered in the short duration of 4 days, only a fine/experienced trainer can set this expectation and meet the same."

- Pramod Shenoy, Akamai

Python Training

"Docker training was my first online training class I attended from Jnaapti. We used Google Hangout and I never felt that it was a online. It started with goals and how we plan to use this training, as usual Gautham was so great in explaining the concepts, use cases and demo with examples. Starting from pre-requisites to lab exercises, we used Google docs, screen sharing, notepads to interact with Gautham. We also interacted with other participants during lab time and it was fun! To me this was a great training session and the timings were comfortable and I had better use of my time and resources."

- Subramanian Olagappan, Marketshare

Docker Training

"The examples were concise and very useful. The slide material was good. We had very specific requirements for the training and Gautham was able to deliver what we were looking for. The training was well structured."

- Ajay Verghese, VMware

Advanced Django Training

"The presentation was really good and also the practical sessions really helped get hands on with the technology. The hands-on sessions make this training different from others."

- Ramakrishna Hegde, Cisco Video

Cloud Computing Training

"Gautham is an excellent trainer with in-depth knowledge of the subject. His teaching style and coverage works well for both starters and advanced learners - there is excellent takeaway for both the groups. It was a very productive training exercise overall for us."

- Amit Arora, DreamOrbit, VP - Enterprise Architecture and Technology

jQuery, HTML5, BackboneJS and KnockoutJS Training

"I would rate this training (Advanced Python Training) as one of the best in last few years. The training contained all the topics right from basics and were conceptual. The teaching at Jnaapti was a new learning experience for me. The training included the basics and concepts on every module covered. It covers both the freshers and experienced equally, this is a nice way to approach a heterogeneous group. I would suggest this pattern going on in future classes too. I would surely recommend Jnaapti. Thank you once again for such a wonderful session on Python."

- D Santosh Kumar, BOA

Advanced Python Training

"Attending the Python Training Part1 and Part 2 held by Jnaapti I feel that the program is a very useful one. It gives you a clear insight into the basics of python and gives you a good hold of the language. The Virtual Coach is a good tool for practical application of the learning."

- Atul Modi, Akamai

Python Training

"Always been using JavaScript but after this course started appreciating the language."

"Very useful and any one who is new to Cloud Computing, this course is must. Course structure is excellent and it covers all the AWS services and also how to automate using tools like Boto and AWS tools."

- Subramanian Olagappan, Marketshare

Cloud Computing and AWS Jumpstart

"I would like to thank Jnaapti to train me on Amazon Web Services. Gave me a lot of confidence that I can explore and use AWS further. During training the talks about different initiatives and events on Cloud Computing was very interesting. That generated a lot of interest. Would like to see more sessions around virtualization and setting up own private clouds."

- Sandeep Saxena, TESCO

Cloud Computing and AWS Jumpstart

"This session help cement my understanding of python. I am sure that because of the advanced topics covered would make my code more readable and reliable. The concepts thought here would help me improve my programming in other languages as well."

- Shashank, Akamai

Python Training