Corporate Learning Services

Businesses schedule a training to satisfy very different objectives. Unless the training organization is in sync with the objectives, the training would not be a success. Further, learning is a very personal thing, so the training organization needs to deeply connect with the learning styles and prior knowledge of every learner.Learn more about our 4 fold approach to training and how we help businesses succeed.
Customized Training

In person classroom sessions, online instructor led sessions, self-paced learning of custom content, online labs, hands-on, 1-on-1 personalized reviews, custom reports, we have it all!

Transformation Bootcamp

Planning a re-org? We help upskill/re-skill engineers & management and align them to new technical roles in the organization by conducting a customized Bootcamp for you.

Corporate Meetups

Want a short workshop/meetup to help your technical team evaluate a new stack or technology? Our Corporate Meetups are what you are looking for!

New Hire Training

jnaapti works with organizations to get a deep understanding of their engineering and learning culture and help inculcate the same in new-hires along with a deep dive into the tech-stack of the organizations.

New Age Corporate LMS

Extend our home-grown skill graph (which has over 400 skills and cross connecting over 30 technologies today) with your custom content and help your engineers start contributing in new areas in the shortest possible time.

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Engineering Institutions

Engineering Institutions often times struggle to provide the right blend of academic and industry focus to their students. The rapid pace of technological changes challenge their curriculum as faculties struggle to keep up with this pace. Consult with us and draw from our vast experience of working with the industry and academia alike.

A 20-hour per semester Integrated Student Development Program that gives the right industry focus from the first year to the final year of Engineering.

Skill Trek Workshop

Learning a technology in a day is both fun and challenging! These economically priced workshops are meant to intrigue and get students started with a new field.

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jnaapti Labs & COE

We help institutions develop expertise in specific technical areas and build a strong industry collaborative setup within the campus.

Faculty Development Programs

Technical training in specific research areas, train the trainer programs, helping with pedagogical content knowledge development, we help faculties in several ways!


Learning Services for Students

Are you a student? Not sure how the industry functions and what skills are essential to excel in the software-industry? Feel that there is something wrong with the way Computer Science is being taught in educational institutions? We have helped several engineering students learn concepts the right way and kick-start their dream career. Learn more here
Fast Trackers Workshop

A week-long transformation workshop specially designed for Engineering students to orient themselves in the right way for a bright future

Art of Programming - Coaching

Learning Computer Science should be fun if taught in the right way. Students are shown intricate cross-connections across different subjects of their curricula in a Jnaaptiesque, "Concept, Technology, Application" approach.


Learning Services for Professionals

Haven't upskilled of late? Finding your technical skills to be rusted? Want help? We help professionals pick up new skills and reorient them to new career paths.
Self Paced Online Learning

We provide a combination of self-paced learning, with remote technical guidance and 24x7 access to online labs with over 30 technologies.


Learning Services for Startups

Have an idea and want to startup? Don't know what it takes? Our programs are specifically designed to help startups make the most of their resources and reduce the chances of failure. We help you validate your idea, provide architectural consultancy, and help you attain the necessary skills to build your product/service. We believe in skill enablement rather than development outsourcing if you intend to have a long term technical focus in your startup.
Startup Bootstrap

jnaapti helps validate your idea, go lean and help you attain the necessary skills to build your product.

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Learning Services for K-12 Institutions

With the proliferation of the Internet, children (who are born self-learners) are finding it easier than adults to cope up with the rapid paces of technology and have come up with creative solutions to challenging problems. The right kind of learning environments and support can make a tremendous difference to how kids see the world around us and to get them prepared for the years to come.
Counter Challenge Workshops

K-12 students are in many ways more creative compared to professionals. This immersive workshop takes students through various technical and soft-skills and help students put their creative juices to work.


A 6 year computer curriculum to help K-12 institutions build a strong computer/programming foundation in students.

Education for All

As part of our social outreach, we conduct training programs for schools in rural areas.