Student Pack - How it works

Are you an engineering student? Not sure how the industry functions and what skills are essential to excel in the software-industry? Feel that there is something wrong with the way Computer Science is being taught in educational institutions? Give jnaapti a try.

The student pack has 3 phases:

Total Immersion Workshops

Total Immersion Workshops are great ways for learners to discover the joy of Computer Science concepts and technologies in a short time.

We offer different workshops depending on the duration and the demand on your effort:

Dealing with Data Workshop

A short 2-3 hours workshop that helps you discover the intricate connections between different fields of Computer Science

Skill Trek Workshop

Learn, with hands-on, the relationship between concept, technology and application in a single day!

Fast Trackers Workshop

An intense 5-7 days workshop that culminates with learners starting from Skill 0 and actually building something tangible.


While our workshops are great ways to discover the subtle connections between different concepts, it takes a longer duration for you to experience the joy of indulging in the vast realms of technology. That's where our coaching programs come into play.

Data storeCloud ComputingProgramming LanguagesMySQLApache SolrAmazon Web ServicesPythonJavaHotel Booking AppSearch EngineE-Commerce Site

We have a few pre-packaged courses that will be useful to you. The coaching process starts with an assessment of your skill-levels and the skills that you need to pick up.

During the coaching program, we show you how the various concepts are beautifully inter-linked, how technologies incorporate these concepts and how you can use them to solve problems in the industry.

Every concept and technology that is covered will have relevant activities picked from real-world problems. Learners are given access to content and labs in our platform. They are expected to work on activities independently and their solutions are then reviewed by a coach who gives them one-on-one feedback to improve their skills. The program is completely hands-on; there are no theory sessions and no spoon-feeding!

The coaching is designed to flex your brains a little more than your comfort levels, so that tough problems seem easier over time. We constantly assess your performance and monitor your progress, not via boring tests, but with interesting, real life problems. You will NOT be penalized for making mistakes - in fact it is considered completely normal during the program. Our coaches help you with your Katas.

The program is conducted via Jnaapti Virtual Coach to specially suit these requirements.


The internship program is a continuation of the coaching, where you get to work on applications in the industry or on an open source project. Internship is much more than just working on a project! It is an important bridge between your life as a student and your life as a professional.

The internship depends on your skills acquired during the coaching process. There are organizations in India that vouch for learners coached by Jnaapti. Your activity during the coaching period acts as a testimony of your skills and efforts.

Please note that we are not a placement training company and we only take learners who are serious about learning.

Organizations that want to partner with us to get interesting project done via interns, may contact us for more details. Jnaapti helps you by providing you pre-verified profiles of students, some of who have undergone the Jnaapti training.