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Why Virtual Coach

The Jnaapti Virtual Coach provides a hands-on, browser based platform to become a solid engineer with a coach providing the required guidance. We first start with an analysis of your learning needs, your current skill set and create a custom course for you. We then set you up on an activity based coaching system. Every skill you learn requires you to work on activities. You are provided with relevant content, a sandbox and a learning lab for all your experiments. We help you connect things you have learnt in theory with what is happening in the software industry today. The Virtual Coach helps you learn by actually building something tangible. "Don't ask for the fish, learn to fish"

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Features Handcrafted For You
Set your Training Goals
Decide what you want to learn
Personalized Learning
We pick you up from where you are and take you to your destination. Learn at your own pace. The course is as fast as you want it to be. Get immediate feedback with automated code assessment.
Self-Learning - Learn to Learn
In this world where technologies evolve rapidly, this is an important skill that learners must have for continued learning. A good training program should not just teach you the technology but also teach you how you can up-skill on your own in the future.
Expert Coach Assistance
Get assistance from a coach whenever you need help. Coaches also give inputs on how solutions can be improved and suggests best practices about the use of the technology.
24x7 Lab Access
Get started right away - all you need is a browser - all software setup is done in the cloud. Learn from an environment that mimics the actual development environment. We teach learners best practices on how to learn.
Ongoing Assessment
Upskilling progress is determined based on an ongoing assessment. Our hands-on approach to learning requires you to learn from the lab examples and then apply your knowledge to solve activities which are reviewed by our expert coaches.
Reports - Deployability and Learnability
Get deep insights into your skillsets and the time remaining to bridge the skill gap. Identify your strengths and areas of improvement.
Learning Paths
A good technical training program should focus on concepts behind the technology, the technology itself and the application of the technologies in real-life problem solving. We specialize in ensuring that this balance is maintained.
Conceptual Depth
Technologies are deep rooted in concepts - master them so that you can pick up similar other technologies with no additional coaching.
Technical Breadth
Technologies don't work in silos - you need to know how to use multiple technologies together.
How to use this technology to solve problems at hand - work on activities which have been derived from real-life scenarios and their submissions are reviewed by our expert coaches.
Sneak Peek
24 X 7 Lab
Get rid of all the hassles to setup a development environment. We provide one stop shop lab for any technology of your choice in your browser. All of it - customized just for you.
Expert Coach Assistance
Get assistance from our coaches whenever you need help. Bring out the best developer in you with expert assistance.
Evaluate Code
We provide a smart built-in evaluation engine for learners to test and improve their code submissions across technologies.
Introduction to Java
Introduction to Java Enterprise Edition
Introduction to Linux and Linux Shell Scripting
Client Side Web Technologies - Jumpstart
Hadoop Jumpstart
LAMP Stack
Git Version Control
Cloud Computing and AWS Jumpstart
Introduction to Perl
Relational Databases and MySQL
Introduction to .NET and ASP.NET
Introduction to PL/pgSQL
Introduction to C++
Introduction to C#
Advanced Java
Introduction to Python
Introduction to Angular
Web Application Development using Flask
Web Application Development using Django
Advanced Python Programming
Android Development
Game Building with SVG and AngularJS
Web Application Development using Symfony
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