Course Outline

About Virtualization


  • 2-5 days (case studies are covered with QEMU, KVM and Docker)

Lab Setup

  • Hardware Configuration – Ensure that all participants have a properly functioning Internet connection
  • Software Configuration – Ubuntu Linux 16.04 Desktop Edition installed natively (non VM environment)

Course Outline

Introduction to Virtualization
  • What is Virtualization
  • Types of Virtualization
  • Benefits of Virtualization
  • Use cases of Virtualization
Concepts in Virtualization
  • Hypervisors
  • Type 1 and Type 2 Hypervisors
  • Snapshots
  • Migration
  • Failover
  • Operating System level virtualization
  • Application virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Difference from Cloud?
  • Mimicking a cloud on your desktop
Virtualization Software
  • QEMU
  • KVM
  • Openstack
Nested Virtualization
  • Virtual Machines inside Virtual Machines
  • Android Emulator in Virtual Machines
Introduction to Containerization
  • What are containers?
  • Docker - a case study
  • LXC
Case study for Containerization
  • Implementing Microservice architecture using Docker
  • Comparing container architecture with virtualization
  • Docker in Virtual Machines
  • Android Emulator in Docker - a case study
  • Docker in Docker - a case study

The classroom training will be provided in Bangalore (Bengaluru), Chennai, Hyderabad or Mumbai and will be conducted in the client's premises. All the necessary hardware/software infrastructure must be provided by the client.