Course Outline

About PostgreSQL


  • Participants must have good knowledge of relational databases and database administration
  • Participants must be comfortable in a Linux environment


  • 2-5 days

Lab Setup

  • 2GB of free RAM, 20GB of free disk space and full network connectivity

Course Outline

Basics of PostgreSQL
  • Introduction to PostgreSQL
  • Basic Syntax – Identifiers, Constants, Operators and Expressions
  • PostgreSQL Queries – Simple and Complex
Data Types in PostgreSQL
  • Numeric, Character and Boolean Types
  • Date/Time Types
  • Range Types
  • Arrays
  • Composite Types
Functions and Operators in PostgreSQL
  • Logical, Comparison, Mathematical and String Functions and Operators
  • Aggregate, Range Functions and Operators
  • Pattern Matching
  • Trigger and Event Trigger Functions
Indexes in PostgreSQL
  • Introduction to Indexing
  • Index Types
  • Multicolumn, Partial and Unique Indexes
Concurrency Control in PostgreSQL
  • Transaction Isolation
  • Explicit Locking
  • Data Consistency
Introduction to PL/pgSQL
  • Basics of PL/pgSQL
  • Functions in PL/pgSQL
  • Cursors in PL/pgSQL
  • Triggers in PL/pgSQL

The classroom training will be provided in Bangalore (Bengaluru), Chennai, Hyderabad or Mumbai and will be conducted in the client's premises. All the necessary hardware/software infrastructure must be provided by the client.