Course Outline

About HTML, CSS and JavaScript


  • Experience with working on any editor.
  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts.


  • 2-5 days

Lab Setup

Hardware Configuration
  • 2GB of free RAM, 20GB of free disk space and full network connectivity
Software Configuration
  • Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop Edition (sudo/root access required)
  • Firefox and Chrome browsers

Course Outline

HTML Fundamentals
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Building the first HTML page
  • Understanding doctypes
  • Elements and Attributes
  • More elements – Lists, Images, Links, Tables
  • HTML Forms
  • IFrames
  • Containers - div and span
  • Validating HTML
CSS Fundamentals
  • Understanding styling
  • CSS Basics
  • Inheritance and Cascade - the C of CSS
  • Styling text with CSS
  • CSS Selectors
  • Styling other elements with CSS - Lists and Links, Tables
  • The CSS box model
  • Positioning with CSS
  • CSS Floats
JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Understanding DOM
  • Introduction to scripting in the browser
  • JavaScript - an introduction
  • Statements
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Conditionals
  • Looping
  • Functions
  • Data types and objects
  • How JavaScript is different from other popular languages
  • Working with DOM in JavaScript
  • Events and working with events in JavaScript

The classroom training will be provided in Bangalore (Bengaluru), Chennai, Hyderabad or Mumbai and will be conducted in the client's premises. All the necessary hardware/software infrastructure must be provided by the client.