Course Outline

About Apache2


  • Good to have basic knowledge of HTTP and client server applications


  • 2-3 Days

Lab Setup

  • Hardware Configuration - Participants must have access to a system with the following hardware configuration
    • 2GB of free RAM, 20GB of free disk space and full network connectivity
  • Software Configuration
    • Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop Edition (sudo/root access required)

Course Outline for Apache2 Web Server

A few basic concepts
  • Basics of TCP/IP and Application Layer Protocols
  • Basics of HTTP
  • Clients
  • Servers
  • URLs
  • Hostnames and DNS
Getting started with Apache2
  • Installation
  • Verifying your setup
  • Making some simple changes
Apache2 Configuration
  • Configuration – main configuration file, .htaccess
  • Configuration file syntax
  • Port configurations
  • Directives
  • Important configurations and directives
    • Directory, Options
    • Location
    • Proxy directives
    • DocumentRoot
    • ServerName
    • Order, Allow
    • Rewrite Rules
  • Allowing/Disallowing directory browsing – a case study
  • Log files
    • Access and error logs
    • Log file formats
    • Log Rotation
Virtual Hosts and Sites
  • Adding multiple
  • Site specific configurations
  • Available modules
  • Enabling/Disabling modules
  • Installing modules
  • A few important modules
    • auth*
    • cache
    • proxy
    • ssl
HTTPS/SSL Configuration
  • ssl module
  • SSL Related configurations
  • Use of Let’s Encrypt/certbot

The classroom training will be provided in Bangalore (Bengaluru), Chennai, Hyderabad or Mumbai and will be conducted in the client's premises. All the necessary hardware/software infrastructure must be provided by the client.