Skill Trek Workshop


Skill Trek is a program where we take learners through an experience of learning a new technology in a single day! At the end of this program learners will be comfortable writing code for a few real life problem statements.

This program is targeted to the 1st to 4th year students of any engineering college, irrespective of their background. It has shown effective results for CSE, ECE/TCE, EE, ISE, IT, BCA & MCA graduates.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of any programming language is preferred (but not mandatory) for this workshop.


Why is the workshop kept only for a day?

We believe that a one day workshop is a great opportunity to get to know a technology used in the industry and start using these in projects. Further, this workshop can easily be accommodated in a college’s routine without disturbing their curriculum constraints.

What can I expect in a day?

The objective is to get the students to solve some simple real life problems using the concept knowledge that they learn in the curriculum. We know that the students feel overwhelmed to begin coding. However this workshop is proven effective to get their hands dirty.

What if our students are interested in learning more technologies?

We have currently kept the track open for only Machine learning using Python. We have a few more tracks like Data Analysis using Python, Big Data and Hadoop, Web Application Engineering. This can be further discussed based on the interest shown by students.

What if we need more than 2 days?

Yes, by all means! We can extend the workshop to more days. The cost is ₹300/- per day per student. We also have separate student packs, that span across for 5 - 7 days.

What is the agenda?

We start with an overview of how concepts learnt in Engineering is used to implement tools and technologies that are used to solve problems faced in the industry. We then show some real world examples of the use of machine learning and then do a code walkthrough. We then get students to try out solving problems on their own and guide them in the process. We finally talk about what students could be working on next and give them ideas of projects they could be working on.

Do we get Certificate?

Yes. We will give a participation certificate.