IOT Deep Dive Workshop


We are a lucky generation to be witnessing a tech innovation decade with the rapid outdating and booming of technologies. While it is Android today, it is something else tomorrow. Raspberry Pi was unheard of 4 years ago but today it is gaining a lot of attention. How aware are we of these trends and how do we know what is in store for the future?

A new boon to the computer industry has been the Internet of Everything or the Internet of Things (IoT). Gone were the days when there was one device (a Personal Computer) per person. With a smart watch on your hand, a Phone in your pocket, laptop in your bag, cards in your wallet, books in your bag, CCTV cameras in your home, we are each owning multiple devices today. This is the Internet of Things and this is just the beginning!

A detailed report by Cisco and DHL found that there will be an estimated 50 billion devices on the Internet by 2020. This change would bring a big shift in the mindset of individuals. It is better to be prepared for this future by learning the bits and pieces of building our own devices and embracing them. We made a constant effort in setting up an embedded lab at jnaapti and encouraging projects on building applications with IOT devices. The success in building devices which were controlled from the Internet from a remote place was a thrilling moment for us.

This workshop is specifically designed to help students learn and appreciate the concepts of connecting devices together and building applications that make use of software and hardware.

We expect to open up new gateways for students to explore the world of Internet of Things by letting them play with components and program the hardware to listen to their instructions. We will also help you understand where the mobile world is headed and how the different worlds will converge in the Internet of Things. Be a part of the revolution by adapting yourself to the change.


Who can participate?

Anyone who is interested in learning irrespective of their current knowledge. Your college and branch doesnt matter. The only criteria is to be motivated.

Where is the Venue?

Venue is within city limits of Bangalore depending on the registrations from different colleges, we will choose a venue appropriately.

Is it Residential Camp?

No. Its 9.00 A.M. - 5.00 P.M.

What does the hardware kit contain?

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • MicroSD card
  • Jumper cables
  • LEDs
  • Resistors
  • Breadboard

Do we get Certificate?

Yes. We will give a participation certificate.