Total Immersion Workshops

A Total Immersion Workshop is an intense workshop where learners are taken through quite a few Computer Science concepts in a short time.

Fast Trackers Workshop

At jnaapti we believe that if you want to "learn to swim" you need to jump into the swimming pool. Our Fast Trackers workshops show you how this done when you are learning Computer Science. In these workshops we cover a wide array of concepts and technologies. These workshops are extremely hands-on and culminate with students actually building something tangible.

Target Audience - BE - Computer Science or related branches - 2nd and 3rd year

Dealing with Data Workshop

Dealing with Web Scale Data workshop is a short 2-3 hours workshop that takes you through some of the concepts and technologies used to tackle challenges in dealing with massive amounts of data. It helps students relate the concepts that they learn and how these concepts are used to solve real-world technical problems.

Target Audience - BE - Computer Science or related branches - all years

Counter Strikers Workshop

Counter Strikers workshop is meant to help students in K-10 to understand and appreciate computer science. We teach them the basics of programming in a fun way and also teach a lot of life skills.

Target Audience - Students in the age group of 8 to 15 years