Remote Student Coaching

While our workshops are great ways to discover the subtle connections between different concepts, it takes a longer duration for you to experience the joy of indulging in the vast realms of technology. That's where our remote coaching programs come into play.

We have a few pre-packaged courses that will be useful to you. The remote coaching process starts with an assessment of your skill-levels and the skills that you need to pick up.

During the coaching program, we show you how the various concepts you have learnt in your engineering are beautifully inter-linked and how you can use them to solve problems in the industry. Every concept that is covered will have relevant activities (picked from real-world examples). You are given resources to learn from and asked to work on activities. The program is completely hands-on and there is no spoon-feeding. The solutions are then reviewed by a coach and you are given feedback to improve your skills.

After the coaching program, depending on your strengths, we may be able to assist you with internship/job opportunities in various startups/small companies in Bangalore. Your activity during the coaching period is sent in addition to your profile to these companies.

We always make you flex your brains a little more than your comfort levels, so that tough problems seem easier over time. We constantly assess your performance and monitor your progress, not via boring tests, but with interesting, real life problems. You will NOT be penalized for making mistakes - in fact it is considered completely normal during the program. Our coaches help you with your Katas.

The program is conducted via a product that we have built from the ground up, called the Jnaapti Virtual Coach to specially suit these requirements.