Remote Corporate Coaching

Note: Our remote coaching solutions are radically different from other e-learning solutions out there and should not be confused with online video conferencing based solutions. Request you to contact us for more details.


The remote coaching process starts with an assessment of the skill-level of every participant, and the skills that they are expected to pick up. We then come up with a course outline that is custom created for every participant and decide on the duration of the training.


Participants are then put on an activity-based coaching. They are given resources to learn from and asked to work on activities. The entire program is hands-on. Every concept that is covered will have relevant activities (picked from real-world examples) that the learner is expected to work on. The solutions are then reviewed by a coach and the learners are given appropriate feedback.


If required, after the coaching period, we provide an elaborate feedback of how learners have performed in the program, and what their strengths/weaknesses are. This is something that a classroom training cannot provide. You can leverage this information to better fit the learners in projects. This also helps ensure that learners get maximum benefit from the program. Such valuable information is generally lost in most corporate training programs.

The program is conducted via a product that we have built from the ground up, called the Jnaapti Virtual Coach to specially suit these requirements.