Hybrid Coaching Solutions

A hybrid solution is a combination of online self-paced learning and classroom training. It combines the best of both worlds and provides a solution that may better suit your needs.

In our classroom training, we have found that there are some participants who lack a certain pre-requisite skill, so we suggest a hybrid solution for you.

Before the classroom training, we enroll the participants in a remote coaching program. We put the participants on a learning path that is uniquely suited to help them ramp up their skills before the classroom training. The classroom training is then conducted as usual. After the training, you can also opt to use the remote coaching to reinforce what you learned during the classroom sessions over an extended period.

You can choose the ratio of the classroom training to remote coaching that you need. Contact us to learn more.

Classroom training or remote coaching, which one is right for you?

Classroom training is good when you have a team of professionals who are looking to get trained on a specific technology in a very short time (2-3 days) and you expect consultation on project specific requirements during the training. Also, classroom training is good when what you are looking for is an overview with lesser hands-on experience in some area and all participants have similar skillsets.

Self paced learning is preferred when you are looking for different combinations of skills to be picked up by different professionals within the same technology, and the participants have very different skill profiles and need one on one focus.