Classroom Training

We conduct classroom training for professionals in the client location. Our classroom training process is as follows:

Before the training

  1. We first understand the concepts/technologies that you require training on, the need for the training and the skill profile of the participants.
  2. Based on this information, we send you an initial course outline which we think will suit you, the duration, the trainer's profile and an initial cost estimate.
  3. We then have one or more discussions about the course outline and accommodate changes that you may have.
  4. We send the proposed final course outline, the duration and the cost.

During the training

  1. We first ensure that the information shared during the initial discussions is in sync with the actual participants. This is verified via a quick poll of the participants and then making sure the course is discussed before we begin.
  2. Every technology that is covered is first preceeded with a discussion of the concepts (data-structures/algorithms/design etc) that are required to understand the technology/application/framework. During the training, we discuss various Computer Science concepts that are relevant to the technology being trained on so that participants get good at identifying patterns across similar frameworks. This is something that is unique to Jnaapti programs.
  3. For a multi-day program, we discuss the next day's content prior hand to ensure that we are on the same page.

We provide relevant activities for every skill that is being covered (depending on the time available). We make you flex your brains a little more than your comfort levels, so that tough problems seem easier over time. We also stress on best-practices and help you identify common anti-patterns during the training.

The classroom training sessions are only conducted in India and on the technologies listed here.