Thinking Scale with NoSQL Stores - Meetup by jnaapti

Relational databases technology is at least three decades old. However, of late, people are skeptical about using relational databases in some specific use cases. Skeptics say that relational databases are not easy to scale while the so called NoSQL stores are much easier to scale. They say LAMP is outdated. The future is MEAN or something along those lines. Is this true? Do NoSQL stores solve the scalability and fail over issues? How do they do it?

Unlike in the relational world, there are no standards around NoSQL. What this means is that every NoSQL store has a different way of looking at schema design. How do we choose a specific NoSQL store? In this session we discuss how NoSQL design is different from relational design and how different NoSQL stores differ in their internal architecture. We will specifically be discussing NoSQL design approach in MongoDB and Cassandra.