The phrases cutting edge and state of the art have been so overly exploited in career pages that this is the last time we will be using it in our career page.
We are looking for people who:

  • are passionate about the problem that we intend to solve
  • believe in our vision and is ready to “do what it takes” to solve the challenge that confronts us
  • believe in life long learning, teaching what he/she knows
  • enjoys solving problems (both technical and non-technical)
  • are sick and tired of building applications that do more harm than good, and want to apply technology to solve meaningful problems
  • are passionate about open-source and believe in giving back to the community

Ok, that’s what we really care about. The broad research areas that we are looking at are:

  • Content management, contextualization and delivery
  • Learning patterns, interactive learning and training
  • Innovation in online applications
  • Code analysis, metaprogramming and testing

You have an added advantage if any of these words resonate with you:

  • Concepts: Data Structures, Algorithms (this is not here to fill space, and we really mean it), Graph Theory, Inference Engines, REST and Stateless Application Design, Relational/NoSQL design
  • Technologies: Python, QEMU/KVM, LXC, Javascript, jQuery, Amazon Web Services and IAAS tooling, JSON, MySQL

Experience: 0-5 years

We have a huge problem in front of us, we have a few ideas about where and how to start and we have the confidence that we will figure out the rest as we proceed.