Jnaapti is a technical skill development company providing customized and personalized learning solutions at a pace that you choose. Our intention is to make computer science education fun and involving. We specialize in providing coaching in niche areas in web engineering.

Jnaapti’s products have an activity-based, concept-focussed, blended-learning model. The learning is completely hands-on. The activities are moulded from real-world examples. We concentrate on the underlying fundamental concepts when teaching you any technology/framework. We provide you with a coach who is always available to answer your queries during the learning process.

We believe that coaching provided this way can fundamentally improve learner prospects. We therefore try to leverage technology where possible, but also understand that direct human interaction is essential in a learning process.

The whole philosophy behind the Jnaapti approach is that people should be self-reliant when it comes to learning.

Learners work on a learning path that is customized after assessing their current skills and the skills they intend to pickup.