The Team

Gautham Pai

Co-Founder & Educationalist

"What is life without an impossible dream!"

Gautham is often identified as buzypi or “threepointsomething”. He is an educational entrepreneur and the co-founder of jnaapti. As a child he always excelled at studies. However, he could clearly see a distinction between learning for the sake of clearing an exam v/s truly "knowing" the subject. This pursuit has led him to bring about a revolution in people's lives and jnaapti is the way he is making it possible for the people. As he started working on jnaapti, he realized that this problem opened up a whole new can of worms and it is becoming more and more exciting due to the intricate interconnections between the various facets of education and learning, be it social, cultural, political or spiritual.

He constantly believes in the theory of “kaizen” which means continuous and never ending improvement. He is deeply inspired by Jeff Bezos and how he built Amazon teaching the world what customer obsession is all about, Elon Musk and how he is showing the world no dream is too big, Jiddu Krishnamurthi and how he talks about education based on inquiry and to question everything you are told, Alan Kay and his vision of making the power of computing truly accessible to everyone, Seymour Papert and Jean Piaget on constructivism in learning and several others.

Gautham loves reading books and he devours books as his relaxation. He practices the Tabla and adores Indian classical music deeply. His favorite movies are inspirational classics like Forrest Gump, Cast Away and The Terminal. He also loves watching Air Crash Investigation, Megastructures, Seconds from Disaster and also watches The Big Bang Theory and Friends.

He admires his dad for his wonderful organizational skills. A lot of the things that Gautham has mastered about knowledge organization is from him. He adores his mom for her perfectionist attitude and motivation towards the work she does. It doesn't matter what time it is. If something is to be done by end of the day, it must be! Finally he admires his wife for the ease with which she connects to people around her irrespective of who they are; never form an opinion about people and love them unconditionally.

First hand from the founder, Mr Gautham speaks

How does working in jnaapti feel like being a founder?

"It's been one hell of a roller coaster ride. The day I started this in 2011, I was excited, anxious and uncertain about where this would all lead to, but today, when I look back, I should say I couldn't have asked for anything better! God has been grateful in giving us what we need at the right times, whether it is Lakshmi assuming the co-founder role, people joining us at the right times, getting the office space on time, or delivering our services with the utmost quality with the resources we have. We have had our share of bitter experiences, but in hindsight that's the medicine which makes you grateful for all the happy moments. Life is never a bed of roses and it was never intended to be one.

Everyday is a learning and I am hoping I will be as excited as I am today even 10 years from now about making a difference in people's lives by spreading the learning philosophies. Jnaapti is becoming synonymous to learning and is becoming a truly household name. Jnaapti's vision of helping people learn anything starting from anywhere is what I have made as my personal vision too. I believe in building this vision a brick at a time and this requires us to leave a legacy which stays far beyond us. This has been the ambition of my life."

What is your biggest inspiration working here?

"Having been in 3 other jobs earlier, I have learnt a lot about what is good and bad about life in a corporate culture. This has helped me realize what I would like to give to my employees. I treat them the way I would like to be treated myself if I were working elsewhere. We are still young and we are like a well-knit family. We sincerely care about each other's personal endeavours. It has been 6 years and I have spent more time in jnaapti than my entire career elsewhere. I still get up excited about the possibilities and I can see the same spark in the young minds that I work with. This inspires me to push myself harder."

Shreelakshmi Gautham

Co-Founder & Edupreneur

I learned to give, not because I have much but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing.
- Anonymous

Shreelakshmi is normally called the “pari” of jnaapti for the various roles she plays here for making transformations happen and understanding human values and relationships. She learns selflessness, simplicity, commitment, support and sincerity from her parents, Gautham and Shrinivas Kamath who are her dearest family members who she has been inspired with. She believes in being a jack of all trades and a master of many. She adores Indian classical music and practises it. She is also passionate about the ancient Gurukul system of learning and is a patron of the Guru Shishya relationship of learning.

She has evolved to become a personality with the qualities of her life derived from 6 of her role models who she worships to the current day. Pandit Ananth Bhagwat from whom she learns commitment of a teacher, APJ Abdul Kalam who she looks upon as a selfless human being, Shri Shri Ravishankar from whom she learns the art of spreading happiness, Dr Partha Sarathi who constantly inspires her with his simplicity and having a quality of life, H. H. Shri Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji who she looks upon for his enormous knowledge and selfless actions to the society and Shri Jayant Gaitonde who constantly inspires her with his amazing skills of compassion and support. She believes that propagating knowledge to the masses like the above is her service to her masters and she is the persona formed with a combination of the skills learnt from being with them.

In her pastime she mentors students of various age groups. She believes in jnaapti being not a company but being a philosophy, a movement and a way of life. She brings positivity to “Sangam" (jnaapti’s workplace) and spreads happiness at jnaapti.

At jnaapti she plays the role of being a human learner, a teacher, a mentor, Human Resource manager, client relationship manager, a pedagogy and a talent acquisition manager. She believes her strengths are her widespread knowledge in the various fields like Music, Interior Decoration, Design, Teaching, Electronics, Software, Business, Technology and hence the perfection in the work she does! She takes the great responsibility towards the smooth functioning of the jnaapti’s relationships and conducts indulging sessions to strengthen the bonds internally and externally.

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