Our Approach

At jnaapti we help learners regain their creativity. We do this by making learners "jump into the pool to learn swimming". Learners are taught to fish (learning to learn), keeping in mind the fact that, in this world where technologies change rapidly, change is the only constant and what is relevant now may not exist soon.

The jnaapti Advantage

Jnaapti's products and services follow these principles:

  • Personalized Training according to the needs of the individual
  • Customized Training according to the needs of the enterprise
  • Test first approach with real-life activities - learn how to fish
  • 24x7 Lab for experimenting and learning from mistakes
  • Personalized Reviews via a Tech Coach
  • Learn about quality and Code as Art
  • Learning to learn - learn to explore new technologies on your own

Everybody's a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it'll live its whole life believing it's stupid.

- Albert Einstein