The Education Crisis

Only 25% of technical graduates from India are found suitable to be employed in technical jobs. If you consider the quality requirement from product companies, the situation is even worse. So while on one side, there is an ever increasing demand for skilled employees in organizations, the unemployment situation is getting out of control.

Here, we list the most important reasons that we believe, are causing this:

  • Students don't know what to expect when they join engineering. Many are misguided (by parents and peers) and end up confused about career choices.
  • The lack of motivation and focus during engineering, creates a skillset problem.
  • The lack of industry-institute interaction means that students lack knowledge of how the industry functions.
  • The dearth of good faculty in engineering colleges has further aggravated the problem of student quality.
  • The classroom teaching model seems to be broken and lacks the connection to the outside world.
  • Organizations lack a good metric system to compare and evaluate students from different universities.

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I believe this passionately, that we don't grow into creativity, we get educated out if it.

- Sir Ken Robinson